Valley Forge Barn

Valley Forge BarnThis old Pennsylvania Barn was converted into a private sports bar and gallery space. We kept it simple, so that the original barn and its openings were left in tact. The original barn door openings were translated into all glass doors, adding a great deal of transparency and light to an otherwise massive stone structure. We did add the small corner porch on the West side to allow for overlooks and evening outdoor enjoyment.

Valley Forge BarnOn the interior, the glass barn doors were repeated to connect the barn gallery space with the furnished sports bar in the fore bay, complete with kitchen, bar and powder room. The original stables and stalls were left intact on the downstairs level. The South side courtyard with sitting wall overlooking the valley is new and is held to the West by the old stone Springhouse. New also is the arched door on the West side, as well as the cascading stairs and landing leading up to it.


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